Cuts Price
Preschool $11.00
Grade School (Boys) $15.00+
Grade School (Girls) $18.00+
High School (Boys) $17.00+
High School (Girls) $25.00+
Men $19.00
Women $35.00+
Style & Formal Designs
Braids $20.00+
Up–Do's $45.00+
Wash & Set - Short Hair $15.00+
Wash & Blowout - Long Hair $25.00+
Full $75.00+
Partial $70.00+
Basic Colour $70.00+
Colour & Cut $64.00+
Highlights / Lowlights $85.00+
Ombre / Balayage $100.00+
Mens American Crew Colour $45.00
** Hair Design Policy: Prices above are subject to length and condition of hair. All prices are subject to HST. Gratuities are not included.
Make Up Application, Eyelash & Brow Tint
Makeup Application $35.00+
Eyelash or Brow Tint $20.00
Ear Piercing
Ear Piercing (1 or 2 Holes) $22.00
Earrings (Sold Seperately)
Eye Brow Arch 12.00+
Lip / Chin $10.00+ Each
Cheeks $15.00+
Full Face (Brow / Lip / Chin / Jaw) $29.00+
Arms (Half) $19.00+
Arms (Full) $28.00+
Underarms $15.00+
Legs (Lower) $35.00+
Legs (Upper) $35.00+
Legs (Full) $55.00+
Bikini $25.00+
Full Legs & Bikini $70.00+
Chest (Full) $50.00+
Back (Full) $50.00+
Feet $10.00+
*For your own protection, please inform our waxing technician if you are using Acutane, Retin-A, or have been suntanning prior to waxing.
Manicure $25.00
French Manicure $30.00
Spa Manicure $35.00
Nail Design $3.00+
OPI Gel Polish / CND Shellac $32.00
Bio Sculpture Gel Full Set $58.00
Extra Cuticle Work $40.00
Extra Cuticle Work $5.00
Gel Removal (Including Manicure) $37.00+

OPI / Creative Basic Pedicure (75 min) $35.00

There is nothing basic about our Basic Pedicure we’ll begin soaking your   feet in a soothing soak on river rocks, your feet will be filed, toe nails shaped and fully hydrated after a massage with OPI’s rich, moisturizing massage cream. Let us brighten your day by painting your toes with any of our wonderful bright OPI shades to choose from.

OPI / Creative Spa Pedicure (120 min) $47.00

** It’s the Basic and so much more! ** In addition to all of your basics you’ll receive a rich exfoliating scrub, a hydrating moisture renewal, rejuvenating clay mask. OUR MASSAGE IS EXTENDED TOO. We step up a notch and fully massage from your toes to your knee, leaving you thinking, “Life doesn’t get any better than this.”

Aromathearapy Parraffin Treatments. Hands / Feet $15.00

Paraffin forms an occlusive mask, which generates heat allowing the body to absorb nutrients. The skin is left hydrated while sore muscles are soothed. (Paraffin Treatment only $10.00 if accompanied by Manicure or Pedicure)

Babe Real Hair Extensions

Clients that would like to thicken or lengthen their hair can book a time for a consult. Pricing varies with the amount of extensions used and timing. Babe Real Hair Extensions Fun solid colours:

Pinks, Red, Purple, Orange, Blue, Lime Green $11.30

Glitter Body Art Tattoos

Over 140 designs. Last up to 7 days, Non Toxic & Waterproof. We can add to your Birthday Parties. You can arrange to bring the children to the salon for their tattoos or we can make arrangements to bring the Tattoos to you. Fun for all ages. Starts at $5.00-$20.00

Feather Locks

Our feather collection varies with colour and length…Fun: $16.95 To re-install feathers & Fun hair Extensions $5.00

Hair Extensions

Tape in extensions, full head application $100.00+

Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment

A smoothing treatment for clients with thich, coarse, unmanageably curly or generally unruly hair. This treatment uses a combination of silk proteins, vitamin E and jojoba oil resulting in soft, smooth and silky hair. Kerasilk treatments eliminates frizz and lasts up to 5 months. Pricing starts at $120,00 and varies depending on hair thickness and length.